A while back we submitted a proposal to NIH - not funded, but the abstract is here:

Roger Mark
October 22, 2015


Biomedical investigators at universities such as MIT generate enormous amounts of research data, on the order of petabytes per year, in a wide variety of forms (time series, waveforms, images, videos, documents, spreadsheets, etc.). These data sets should be preserved and shared openly and efficiently with the research community. The process for achieving that goal is currently inadequate, however, and much valuable research data is not discoverable and opportunities for re-use are gone forever. The university library system is the ideal institution to provide accessible, convenient (local), and affordable systems for research data management, archiving, and dissemination to the broad research community. Libraries have highly developed expertise and infrastructures for the archiving, cataloging, and dissemination of information. However, the deluge of digital research data and associated software has far outpaced their existing infrastructure.
Our proposed Center of Excellence will design, develop, and evaluate the tools, polices, and infrastructure to meet the challenge. The Center will bring together experts in medicine, biology, statistics, library science, economics, data science, data privacy, and computer science to develop methods to enable institutional management, curation and publication of data produced by research laboratories and their members, and of the accompanying metadata, software, and contextual knowledge necessary to understand, access and establish the authenticity of that evidence base.
The Center’s ‘products’ will be (1) a set of new methods, algorithms, and protocols to enable a university to manage, share and publish the research data and software produced by its investigators; (2) production quality open source software implementing these methods; and (3) cost, business and economic models that will guide universities in sustainable implementation.


Nancy Y McGovern on November 23, 2015

This is great and great to read. I am the lead for digital preservation at the Libraries and the scope for developing a sustainable digital preservation program for MIT-created content includes research data, whether the Libraries helps researchers to ensure their data are preserved or take on custody of research data as part of the Libraries role. This is increasingly a collaborative process as it should be and it would be wonderful for that to continue and expand.