Surface more of the library content online

Frances Botsford
February 26, 2016

The libraries should show more of its excellent collections and expertise online through small, curated digital sites. The sites should be enjoyable to explore, and can not only give a preview of what the library has to offer, but also entice visitors to explore and get deeper into all the holdings. These could be an extract/preview of a special collection (like the Vail collection), a curated librarian collection (staff picks or a subject area), or community curated collection (personal favorite items or a subject area). The sites could be temporary and rotating to keep them fresh. 

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

I think the library is a central and grounding part of any community that cares about forwarding knowledge and learning, as both a place to gather knowledge from the past and for connection and conversation in the creation of new knowledge.