Studio Space in the Library for Digital Humanities

Karrie Peterson
April 26, 2016

What if there was Library studio space for Digital Humanities classes (an active learning classroom) so that more of the student project work could be done in class? An active learning classroom breaks down some of the stiffness and formality and facilitates a learning community ethos--working together in class can generate the collective helping spirit endemic to much DH work. Think of a hackathon, where not only the teacher but also students could move among groups in order to help the project teams get their work done. It's amazingly hard for busy students to find meeting times outside of class, and so much good sharing and peer learning is lost when the only connection is email, and the work is divvied up according to who already knows how to do x,y,z. A studio can provide a natural gathering space when it isn't booked for classes, or be a space to hang out before and after class for quick consultations. A staffed space where you can ask for help gets you past the thing that hangs you up and takes way too long to figure out...

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

I work in the Library, I have to constantly learn what researchers and scholars need to do their work as well as what new developments are making new kinds of research possible, and I believe it will be a lot easier for us to do what we are aiming at if we overlap in our working spaces.