Sharing knowledge within MIT

Karrie Peterson
April 26, 2016

At the MIT Open House, I was again struck by how MIT people who are working in different ways on the same problem may not know about each other. I talked to an amazing CSAIL grad student who was working on how to understand enormous amounts of text (use techniques to pull out snippets of text that would summarize the whole body of text) -- and how this connected up with other work I had heard about at the MIT Libraries' Program on Information Science, other sense-making tools people are trying to develop for highly interdisciplinary work, and even the ideas of distant reading. How can all these folks work with the Libraries to manage the living, breathing knowledge that is being developed across MIT in real time - how can these folks systematically get connected up in useful ways? We all look for relevant events to find intellectual connections and use our networks, yet we are all so busy -- can the right stakeholders gather together on a comprehensive knowledge management plan that connects us up in a better way?

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

Culturally, the Library has been one way that society "knows what it knows" over time. I'm constantly wondering how that works now, when what we know has burst well beyond the containers of books and articles.