More welcoming library environment, especially with a café

Math undergrad student
October 6, 2015

A more welcoming environment would be greatly appreciated because it would attract the student body to actually want to study there. I've heard many complaints about this, which is why I'm suggesting it. Also, a lot of students don't go to thr libraries bcause there aren't any cafés around--which are particularly helpful for study breaks and to wake up. Otherwise, they're forced to walk for a while to a nearby cafe.


Edwin Sze Lun Khoo on October 14, 2015

This is a very important consideration that may seem trivial at first. Many of the well-used libraries that I have been to have cafes in or very near them.

Michael Alan Henninger on October 14, 2015

yeah, the cafe thing.

Lucas Melvin Mueller on November 21, 2015

Yes, that's a great idea. The Rolex Learning Center at EPFL in Lausanne is a perfect example of creating a welcoming space for library collections, quiet study,group study, cafés, resting area, and even a cafeteria: