More scanning services for electronic delivery of articles and book chapters

Poli Sci grad student
October 6, 2015

I really appreciate the effort to continually improve the MIT libraries service. I think MIT libraries are terrific. If there is one thing that I would suggest would really improve my efficiency, it would be the ability to have acess to scanned copies of sections or chapters of books that MIT does not own, but has access to at partner libraries. I know that is probably asking a lot -- you would almost need someone at the partner institution to do the scanning and emailing -- but t would really improve the speed at which materials get to researchers.

I'm sure that is a pipe dream. If I could, I would have electronic access to every book possible for quick reference. But I won't hold my breath. I know it is impossible given copyight. But any movement toward easier access to electronic versions of books would be stellar.

Thanks again. You guys rock.