Maintain role of Libraries as campus refuge, adding improvements to study spaces

Math undergrad student
October 6, 2015

Honestly, I don't use the libraries for their primary purpose - providing books/information. I use them as an on campus refuge, the one place I know I will have a quiet environment where I always know I can go there to work and be productive. I don't takeadvantage of the resources available because so far I have not taken a class that I've needed to get something I could only find at the library (I buy my books for my classes and I haven't had to do any research that I can't just google). I would greatly refer more computers in the Lewis Library and a printer that works with pharos printing there. I also don't believe that libraries should provide maker spaces, those belong elsewhere on campus. But it would certainly be nicer to have more space and supplis for creating, practicing and giving presentations and also a space on campus to have a phone interview (haven't found or met anyone who found a good, quiet place to have a phone interview).