Maintain Libraries specific role in academic life serving as intellectual resource and providing study spaces

EECS undergrad student
October 6, 2015

For me, the Libraries play a very specific role in academic life, and should not step outside those bounds, at risk of sacrificing the crux of why you exist and your most important roles. Those roles are:

1: an Intellectual resource, a way to explore criosities, served by a giant reference collection. It is important, for at least this generation, for these materials to be in print.

2: a study space, a place for intellectuals to get together and share, or exchange ideas. Having a comfortable space i super important for this.

Please don't make everything electronic, or build a maker space. These would divert resources from the MIT libraries' most important roles. I would love to have a better, more accessible, and better stocked maker space on camus, but that should be handled by another organization, who's main goal is NOT to maintain a reference for the academics of the world. Organizations like this include the MIT Hobby Shop, and the other departments on campus, and I would strongly support th creation of a new Maker Centre, standalone, unaffiliated with the libraries.


Carol A Schweigert on October 13, 2015

A Maker Centre, unaffiliated with the Libraries or any specific Departments or Laboratories, and combining the Hobby Shop and the Glass Lab, etc would be a strong creative hub.