Library partnerships

Lisa Horowitz
February 8, 2016

Redesigning Organizations and Spaces:

In a project designed to bring together different academic units, they describe:

" any design and development process, technical requirements and decisions are only part of the challenge. It is equally important to identify the various needs of the institution and its constituents, some of which are practical (e.g., to provide students with tutoring and writing support) and others symbolic (e.g., to affirm Yale’s renewed commitment to teaching and learning by locating the CTL at the heart of the campus). Beyond this, some room must be made in the process to acknowledge potential gains and losses, achieve a shared understanding, and recognize common purpose across constituent groups and individuals. In addition, plans must be developed to meet constituents’ needs in a way that optimizes outcomes for the institution and the department while also addressing requirements and identities of individuals."

The article may be of interest.