Have all textbooks available in great quantities

Matthias von Andrian
October 13, 2015

Required textbooks should be available in the library in big quantities and one should be able to borrow them for a whole semester.

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

There are books, that everybody needs for a specific class. Not every book is worth buying. Wouldn't it be great to just borrow it from the library? Too bad this is not possible for most books, because the library doesn't have enough copies of the specific book and doesn't allow to borrow it for an extended amount of time. Instead private businesses make a profit on renting out textbooks. When one thinks of books at a university, the first thing that comes to mind should be the library, not amazon or the coop. It would also help to establish more economic equality amongst the students.


Felipe Hernandez on October 13, 2015

I agree that it is nice to be able to access required textbooks for free. That said, I have found the reserve stacks to be very helpful with this. If the resources are available to do this, then I think it would be great. Still, I think there may be ways to achieve the same goals (make required textbooks easier to access) with a significantly lower cost.