Friendly Lighting for the Eyes and Enviroment

February 22, 2016

The fluorescent lights that dominate all study spaces are very taxing on the eyes and the body. Softer lighting is much preferred over the blaring fluorescents, which flicker and make noise. I am particularly sensitive and often find myself with headaches and even vomiting if I spend too many hours studying in the libraries. While I'm aware that I must be particularly sensitive, my understanding is that this sensitivity is not uncommon, some cases more extreme than others.

I'm hoping that someone with a more scientific understanding of lights can comment – but I find I prefer to read with a soft, warm light. My understanding is that LEDs balanced to a warm glow or soft white temperature would be ideal for the eyes and environment.

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

I spend all day every day in the libraries! They are absolutely essential to my studies, around which my life evolves.


Anonymous on February 29, 2016

My wife, another MIT Grad has the same sensitivity to high frequency sound. We should be replacing all lighting at MIT with LEDs - starting in spaces that are intended to be quiet and filled with people, such as libraries. The current light quality of 3,000 degree LEDs is remarkable and I'm sure it's only getting better.
One more thought, using color temp changing LEDs so that rooms can move from Daylight to Twilight - with individual workstation lighting being at 3,000 degrees - while the "public" space color temperature changes with the time of day. No reason not to let folks know what time it is outside...