Digital Pedagogy Support

Karrie Peterson
April 26, 2016

I sat in on a digital humanities class (Kurt Fendt - Hyperstudio) which sparked ideas about what Libraries might do. Collaboration is a good way to learn together. What if a librarian was the TA for selected classes? They could offer thoughts on the social and ethical issues around DH projects, preservation of our cultural heritage, the cultural & scholarly ecosystem in which DH projects are situated (where the gated communities are, who owns their own info), the role of libraries in how society knows what it knows, and the work of standards organizations in helping to ensure that our scholarly materials are networked and interoperable. They could acquaint the students with data sets they would not otherwise consider working with. It would be especially interesting to have the students critique some of the offerings of digitized materials from libraries and museums – these students want to work with stuff, not just look at it. What can we learn from their reactions to our prized digital library collections?

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