A Coffee Table Book area - for browsing a curated collection of books (w/ coffee?!)

Emily - MIT employee
February 11, 2016

A collection of visually-appealing, large format books could be displayed in a "Coffee Table" area - where people could browse the books, drink coffee, and socialize. Each curated collection of "Coffee Table Books" could then go on tour (on loan) to various locations around MIT (wherever people might sit around a table drinking coffee).

Why do you care about library spaces, collections, and services?: 

Libraries offer unexpected encounters with people, books, ideas jotted in the margins...


Carol A Schweigert on March 22, 2016

Hi Emily - Yes! Coffee! with a lid! Dewey Library does this on a small scale, where "coffee table" books that are part of the Impulse Borrowing collection are actually on a coffee table with comfy chairs.