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Phoebe Ayers | November 13, 2015

(This is passing on an idea that was shared with me from one of the WRAP faculty -- we were discussing our ideal... (more)

Math undergrad student | November 12, 2015

I have noticed that several of the books (particularly in the QA300s section) I like to use in Hayden have gone... (more)

Amy Brand | November 11, 2015

VIVO, or another lightweight metadata-only repository to catalogue and link to scholarly artifacts (publications,... (more)

Nicholas Matthews | October 27, 2015

Keep our collection of physical books, particularly fiction, plays and poetry, in a space where students can explore... (more)

Richard C. Larson | October 14, 2015

Traditional usage of library roaming stacks has plummeted, and their prime real estate can usually be recommitted to... (more)

Mike Henninger | October 14, 2015

It's common to have an old edition of a textbooks (borrowing from friend who already took it, for sale cheap,... (more)