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Alissa Borshchenko | December 17, 2015

As a student of Media in Cultural Context (21L.715) this past fall, I had the opportunity to visit the MIT Special... (more)

Alice Lu | December 17, 2015

Taking a literature class (21L.715) that heavily involved use of MIT’s libraries, specifically the Special... (more)

Ashley Meng | December 17, 2015

After spending hours in Special Collections, my primary criticism is that I would have liked hours to have been more... (more)

Sam Jacobs | December 17, 2015

To increase community engagement with the Libraries, it's important that the spaces in which the Libraries are... (more)

Alex Burgess | December 17, 2015

Note: I wrote this for one of my classes, so please excuse the informality of it.

My main problem with the... (more)

Cathleen Nalezyty | December 17, 2015

Recently there’s been a lot of talk about digitizing media to make it more accessible and to preserve it. Both those... (more)

Lucas Mueller | November 21, 2015

It would be great to have section of the library dedicated to history of science, technology, medicine, STS,... (more)

Hongzhou Ye | November 20, 2015

R. Parr and W. Yang's classical book on DFT, "Density functional theory of atoms and molecules" is... (more)

Rhonda Kauffman | November 18, 2015

Zines are often produced by members of marginalized communities and in order to best serve our community and... (more)