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The idea bank is a public forum for sharing ideas and starting a conversation about the future of libraries. Below you can browse the ideas that have been submitted, but the bank is now closed. View the preliminary report

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Chris Bourg | March 31, 2016

Relaying an idea I heard this morning - an Uber-like app for book deliver on campus. Hire lots of students and... (more)

Meghan Truchan | March 27, 2016

Create more space by better compacting the book shelves. Keep the same amount of books but make them sliding shelves... (more)

Carol Schweigert | March 22, 2016

Create a Center for Obsolete Media with a MacGyver on staff to keep it all working.

Grace Kindeke | March 22, 2016

Having a rotating collection of 2D and 3D artwork in all the libraries. Developing a relationship with the arts... (more)

Libraries DSS subgroup | March 22, 2016

An area of the library that is more flexible, including sound buffering to minimize disturbing quiet spaces.

Table 2 @ ACE meeting | March 22, 2016

Circulate more unique stuff (a/v supplies, tools/devices, old/novel equipment) students can use for projects. Look... (more)

Table 3 at a Libraries staff meeting | March 22, 2016

Have a few spaces available where scholars can interact with with numerous items from the collections, particularly... (more)

Jennie Murack | March 22, 2016

make spaces inviting and relaxing for students: replace old furniture, comfortable seating, sleeping pods, blankets... (more)

Hayk S | March 2, 2016

I'd like to see lockers in the library where students can leave laptops/books when they leave for lunch,... (more)